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Where Do Raccoons Live During the Day?

Raccoons are nocturnal animals. They come out at night to forage for food and then often return to their dens in the morning. A raccoon den provides them a warm, safe place to sleep until they are ready to hunt again. In breeding season in the spring, the raccoon kits live in the den for the first few months of their lives while their mother forages for food.

The optimal den has easy access to food and water and is in a quiet, unexposed place. Many raccoons will have multiple dens in range and more between every few days when babies are not present. Where these dens are located varies depending on where the raccoon lives in NY or NJ.

Daytime Hiding Places for Raccoons
In nature, raccoons live around trees and rivers. They build their dens in hollow logs or tree trunks, the abandoned dens of other animals, and areas of dense, wooded underbrush that will offer them protection from predators and the elements.

Raccoons in New York and New Jersey have adjusted to living in suburban or urban settings. These raccoons are more likely to be found in:

  • Storm drains.
  • Dumpsters or garbage cans.
  • In trees or various features at a park.
  • Inside attics, walls, basements, or crawl spaces.
  • Underneath wood piles.

It is also possible for a raccoon to be active during the daytime. Months when food is scarce or baby raccoon kits require adult raccoons to collect more food, a raccoon might spend daylight hours foraging. A raccoon may also be moving locations during the day to get away from a predator. It can also indicate rabies. Though thankfully this is rare in NYC.

Day or night, resting in a den or active, it is best to never approach a raccoon. These animals will defend themselves if they feel they are in danger. Leave them alone and they will most often go on their way. If raccoons are a persistent problem around your property or are nesting in a den inside your home or business, NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers provides humane raccoon control.

We can remove raccoons from your NY or NJ property. We also offer exclusion and other raccoon management services. Give us a call to learn how we can help.

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