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Types of Bats in NYC

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The entire state of NY is home to 9 different bat species with 6 regularly living in at least one of NYC’s five boroughs. All of these bats are insectivores and they play an important role in reducing the city’s populations of mosquitoes and other unwanted insects.

Of the NYC bats, only some roost in homes and are therefore considered pests. Other bats will nest out in nature and are unlikely to be found indoors at your home or business. Instead you might spot them as you travel around the city.

NYC Bat Species and Which Are Considered Pests?
Bats are found in all five boroughs of NYC. Depending on the species, their roosts include trees, rocks, both inside and outside buildings, and under bridges. The different types living in NYC are:

  • Little Brown Bats
  • Big Brown Bats
  • Hoary Bats
  • Silver Haired Bats
  • Eastern Red Bats
  • Tri-Colored Bats

Of all the bat species found in NYC, only little brown bats and big brown bats are common home invaders. If you find another bat inside your property, it is likely there on accident as the other species prefer nesting in trees or burrowing – not living in your attic or walls.

Little brown bats measure only 3 inches long and prefer small, enclosed spaces. They will squeeze through small gaps in siding or under roofs to establish their colony in a wall void or attic. Big brown bats are larger with a length of about 5 inches. They like high nesting places such as attics and under eaves. They can be found in colonies or alone.

How to Remove a Bat Colony
Bats are removed through exclusion, a process best done by a professional wildlife control company. Because both species of pest bats in NYC are cave bats, they hibernate during the winter months rather than migrate. They also breed in the spring at which point baby bats will be present. This limits the times of year at which bats are regularly leaving and exclusions is possible.

At NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers, we start by identifying the type of bats living in your home. Then we work with property owners to determine when and how bats can be safely excluded, leaving your home free of bats.

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