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How Professional Snake Control and Prevention Works

Reactions to snakes can vary immensely. While some people enjoy keeping snakes as pets, others have intense anxiety over the thought of a snake in their yard or home. Because snakes are a startling sight for many, and because some species of snake can be venomous, many homeowners prefer to keep snakes from entering their property. For snakes that find their way onto properties, professional snake removal can help.

How To Prevent Snakes

Snakes in your yard can be a concern. A snake in your home is often terrifying. With snake control, a professional will inspect your property for areas that commonly attract and house snakes. The professional will typically recommend that you:

  • Keep Your Yard Maintained – Regular mowing and weed removal will prevent grass from growing long enough to hide snakes.
  • Remove Brush and Clutter – Similar to grass, firewood, yard waste, and other clutter provides great hiding spaces for snakes as it protects them from the elements and predators.
  • Seal Holes and Cracks in Your Home – In order to get into your home, a snake needs to have an opening. Holes, cracks, open windows, vents, and other gaps provide access points for snakes to enter. By sealing those, it is harder for snakes to get inside.
  • Limit Food Sources with Regular Pest Control – Snakes will go where they can find food. Other pests on your property like rodents and insects can attract snakes. Make sure that nothing on your property is attracting rodents and schedule regular pest control to keep snake food sources away.
  • Install Snake Fencing – For properties at great risk, snake fencing can be installed around the perimeter. This fencing is a metal or vinyl mesh that is cemented about six inches into the ground and rises several feet above ground. Because snakes can’t climb, this fence helps keep snakes off the property.

While these methods are helpful in preventing snakes from entering a property, there is always a chance that a snake can still make its way into a yard or even a house.

Removing Snakes from a Property

Snakes are a valuable part of the environment. They maintain pest populations like mice, rats, gophers, and even other snakes as part of their food sources. It is best to remove the snake rather than kill it. A humane snake removal company will prioritize both your safety as well as the safety of the snake so that it can be returned to nature.

A professional snake trapper will use specialized equipment and techniques to capture the snake. This can often mean maneuvering to reach snakes in crevices in landscaping, crawlspaces, and other close spaces. Snake trapping should not be attempted by a non-professional without the skills and protective equipment to prevent snake bites or strikes.

Call NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers for Professional Snake Removal

Whether you want to set up protective barriers to keep snakes off your property or you currently have a snake in your home or yard, NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers can help. We have an emergency 24 hour service for snake removal so that we can be there quickly. For snake prevention, we will work with you to recommend and make improvements on your property to keep snakes out. Call us today at (646) 741-4333 to learn more.

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