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Preventing Squirrel Damage at NYC Homes

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Rats, mice, birds, and bats are common types of invasive wildlife here in NYC and NJ. But you’ll also need to keep an eye out for squirrels. We may not think of squirrels as invasive pests, but they can cause extensive damage when they do invade. Their droppings may carry bacteria, they can carry mites and parasites, and squirrels can transmit rabies. Squirrels will also damage homes by chewing on wood, insulation, or wires.

Because of their bigger size, squirrels can be far more destructive than other rodents, most birds, and bats. Preventing squirrels from getting in and learning how to identify damage early on will help keep your home and your family safe.

How to Keep Squirrels Out

Squirrels come into homes in NYC through small gaps less than an inch wide. These can be around your roof, in your walls, or near your foundation. Depending on the time of year, they may rely on food around your home. You can make your home less attractive to squirrels when you:

  • Patch holes in walls and around your roof.
  • Remove wires and branches that provide access to your roof.
  • Keep extra food sources like trash or pet food secured.
  • Use squirrel-proof bird feeders or remove them altogether.
  • Winter is the most risky time of year for a squirrel infestation, so checking for holes and open food sources as temperatures begin to drop can help prevent problems later in the season.

Minimizing Squirrel Damage If You Have an Infestation

Squirrels can cause damage every moment they live in your home. The earlier you can detect their presence, the sooner you can put a stop to the damage. Some signs that squirrels are nesting in your attic or walls include:

  • Squeaks or Scratches – Squirrels are noisy animals. You may hear them squeaking or rustling as they move about behind walls.
    Chew Damage – As avid chewers, squirrels chew on almost anything. Even if you do not see squirrels, you may see their teeth marks on wood or see torn insulation.
  • Droppings – Squirrels will leave droppings and urine behind wherever they go. The sight and scent of it can be a clue that squirrels are living nearby.

If you do notice any of these signs at your home in NYC, it is important to call Animal Control NYC. We are licensed and experienced in squirrel removal. We can determine where squirrels are nesting inside your home and set the right traps to capture and remove them, preventing any further damage they can do. Call us today to get expert help with wildlife problems on your property.

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