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Squirrel Removal Services in NY and NJ with Our Animal Trappers

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Squirrel Removal Services in
NY and NJ with Our Animal Trappers

But squirrels do not always stay out in their natural habitat. Their search for food and sheltered areas, especially during breeding or the cold winter, can bring them indoors. Squirrels are a common nuisance pest that makes nests inside homes, businesses, and any other space that is safe and warm. When they invade, they put the property, and the people living and working there, at risk.

The risks associated with squirrels makes it important to remove them quickly when you have an infestation and keep them out. NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers provides NYC and NJ squirrel removal, working with all types of properties to humanely relocate squirrels and deploy advanced preventative techniques. Call us at 646-741-4333 to learn more about our services and get an estimate.

Squirrels seem like they’re everywhere around NYC and NJ. They’re jumping from tree to tree and running along power lines, watching you at the park, or getting into your trash. In these settings, squirrels are relatively harmless as long as you don’t try to handle them. They might even be entertaining.

What Makes Squirrels Destructive for Properties

A squirrel will make its way into your property through an existing opening or by chewing a hole big enough to get in. Areas around roofs, such as vents, eaves, or soffits, are common weak points tree squirrels can use to get in. They can climb over to the roof on a power line or tree.

These tree squirrels, most of which are eastern gray squirrels locally, are adept climbers and can also jump between elevated perches. Their preferred food is fruits and nuts in nature, but many are accustomed to eating human trash.

Nesting is common when a female gives birth, which can be multiple times in a year. Many squirrel species will also build a horde of food they can rely on during winter months when berries and nuts are scarce. Squirrels nesting inside a property for any reason cause damage that includes:

  • Droppings – Squirrels choose an area near their nest to use as a latrine. This is the only location they’ll use for urine and feces. It helps to contain the damage, but leads to a concentrated area of droppings that will stain and weaken the material underneath
  • Chewed Wiring – With strong teeth that never stop growing, squirrels like to chew. They will chew through an exposed wiring, as well as HVAC ductwork, leading to malfunctioning systems and possible fire.
  • Torn Insulation – Squirrels can also chew through insulation or tear it up, ruining the energy efficiency of your property.
  • Animal Remains – An animal that becomes trapped can eventually die within your walls, leaving unpleasant smelling remains that attract pests.
  • Diseases – Common wildlife diseases like leptospirosis, salmonella, and potentially rabies can be spread from squirrels to humans.
  • Other Pests – Fleas, mites, and ticks can ride in on a squirrel and spread throughout the rest of the property. This puts people and pets at risk.

Squirrels also leave pheromones in the areas they nest, breed, or relieve themselves. These are chemicals that can attract other squirrels to the same location, meaning a few animals could turn into a recurring infestation.

Whether you have one squirrel or several, there is also a concern about aggression. Squirrels may seem cute and curious, but they can bite and will do so if cornered. Aggression is actually becoming more common, especially in populated areas NYC and NJ cities, as squirrels grow more comfortable and dependent on people for food. Food shortages prompt squirrels to take more dire actions to find sustenance.

How We Remove Squirrels

NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers removes squirrels with a safe and humane approach. We use special traps to capture squirrels, keeping the animals alive, and relocating them to a safer area. Once we have removed the squirrel, we use exclusion (sealing up all entrance points) to keep them out, and damage restoration so it was like they were never there.

Residential Squirrel Removal

We have rapid squirrel removal for both single family homes and multi family housing. At any location, we are available with 24 hour emergency service when necessary and prompt scheduling for non emergencies. Our removal specialists will:

  • Place Baited Traps – We use special cage traps that don’t harm the squirrels, but do securely hold them. By filling them with a bait that attracts local squirrels, we capture all the squirrels on the property.
  • Monitor – We watch the traps and monitor your home for as long as it takes to catch each squirrel. Usually this process takes a few days.
  • Release – When we catch a squirrel, we release it back into a safe place in nature, well away from your property.
  • Exclude – Exclusion can help keep squirrels from coming back again by sealing any holes or gaps large enough for an animal to enter.

There are also cases where a squirrel can become stuck. This often happens when it falls into a wall void or down your chimney. No matter where the squirrel is trapped, we devise a plan to remove it from your home without causing further damage.

Depending on the condition of your attic or walls after squirrels are removed, we have restoration services that can repair any destruction. Like our removal and exclusion, restoration is affordable. We work with you to choose services that fit your needs and budget, using a transparent process that you can trust.

Commercial Squirrel Removal

A distant corner of your store, restaurant, factory, or warehouse provides a quiet space for squirrels to nest. But their comings and goings puts your business at risk, both in terms of customer perception and potential penalties. While squirrels may not have the association with filth that rodents or insects do, having them around your business is still unsanitary.

Our 24-hour, 365 day service is ideal for businesses dealing with an emergency squirrel invasion. Before the trapped squirrel can cause damage or puts your customers at risk, we are on the scene to trap the squirrels.

To keep squirrels from coming back, we use a comprehensive array of exclusionary methods. This can include covering or repairing any holes the squirrels made to gain entry that could be reused by later squirrels or other pests. We also offer installation of guards for vents, chimneys, and other common openings so that your property remains secure.

Why Choose Animal Control NYC for Wildlife Removal

Squirrel removal for an indoor infestation should always be handled by a professional. This avoids any harm the squirrel might do if it feels threatened, either to people or property. Eastern gray squirrels are notorious for destruction when they become excited. Killing them is not recommended as it is inhumane and subject to legislation in both NY and NJ.

Our full service options for managing squirrels means we go beyond removal. Whatever your concerns about squirrels, the damage they cause, or effective prevention, we have a solution to help you. Our knowledgeable and friendly technicians provide you with:

  • Years of training and experience for the most advanced wildlife control.
  • 24/7 emergency service to handle problems when they occur.
  • Humane methods that are as eco-friendly as they are effective.

We handle squirrels everywhere they invade around NYC, including Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. We also work with residential and commercial properties throughout central New Jersey.

Get Started with a Quote for Squirrel Removal – Call Us Today

A squirrel infestation requires rapid attention. Our wildlife control team is always ready to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers at 646-741-4333 for the leading squirrel control in NYC and NJ.

Frequently Asked Questions About Squirrel Removal

Q: How much does squirrel removal cost?
A: Where the squirrels are located, how many are present, and the method we use for removal – exclusion, box traps, or hand removal – determine the final price. Give us a call so that we can compare the available options for your situation and get you a quote.

Q: What is the fastest you can be at my property?
A: Despite their small size, we know the destruction squirrels can cause in a matter of moments, as well as the stress you experience when wildlife invades. That’s why we are available at any time with 24 hour service.

Q: Does squirrel removal involve killing the squirrels?
A: No, as long as there is an option for live removal. We are a humane wildlife control company, meaning we never exterminate animals when we can trap them and move them to a safer location, both for them and your property.

Q: How can I keep squirrels out? Can you help with that?
A: The best ways to keep squirrels out are to close holes that allow them to enter, cut back branches that squirrels use to get onto the roof, and remove or limit access to bird feeders that provide a food source. We can help with these steps and more through our squirrel exclusion services.

Q: I think I have a squirrel infestation but I’m not sure. Do you offer inspections?
A: Whatever pest you hear rustling in your walls or attic, we will inspect your property to find out what it is and where it’s living. If we confirm squirrels are present, we can use our squirrel management techniques to remove them. We also remove all types of wildlife pests, so we can provide a solution if we find a different animal.

Q: Can you help repair the damage squirrels caused after removing them?
A: Yes. Removing a wildlife infestation is only the first step in most cases. Squirrel clean up addresses any damage they caused and messes they left so that you’re not still dealing with the effects after the squirrels are gone.


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