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Gutter Guard Installation in NY and NJ

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Gutter Guard Installation from NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers

Animal Control Gutter Guard Installation

The gutters on your home are a perfect nesting area for animals. Protected from wind and predators down below and with plenty of twigs and leaves nearby to build a nest, all kinds of animals are happy to move in. The proximity to your roof also provides easy access to animals to tear through fascia, soffits, and shingles to get into your attic.

Gutters can also attract insects. When a gutter gets too clogged, it ends up creating standing water that attracts mosquitoes and other pests to the home.

NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers offers gutter guard installation in NYC and central NJ to keep wildlife – and the debris that attracts pests – out of your gutters. Gutter guards are a humane and effective exclusion method for our local wildlife that helps keep your property, your family, and the environment safe. Call us today to learn more about our gutter guard and wildlife management services.

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While gutters are a necessity for providing effective drainage at your home, they come at the cost of providing the perfect nesting space for animals. We can keep your gutters pest free and improve the lifespan and efficiency of your gutters. Contact our team at 646-741-4333 to get a free no obligation estimate and start the process of securing your home.

What Are Gutter Guards?

When installed, gutters form a trough with an open-top to catch the rain or snowmelt that flows down off the roof and drain it away from the foundation of the house. But the open top of gutters allows anything to enter, from leaves and twigs to living animals.

In the case of yard debris, it will often collect and clog the gutter, causing improper drainage and overflows. Wildlife in gutters can lead to a range of issues. Not only will the debris they collect – such as nesting materials – clog the gutters, but they can attract other wildlife and pests and permanently
damage the gutters, leading to costly repairs.

Their close proximity to your roof also gives them easy access to attic spaces and the rest of your home if they can chew their way inside. That is why it may be a good idea to prevent access to your gutters using gutter guards.

Gutter guards are a cover that goes over the open top of the gutter to keep debris and animals from getting into the gutter itself. There are several styles of gutter guards, but all have a means of letting water through while keeping debris out. They may be made of mesh, have perforations, or leave a tiny gap between the guard and the edge of the gutter that only water can get through.

A gutter guard is a semi-permanent installation that can be placed onto existing gutters. Depending on the type of guard, it can either be laid directly on the gutter or the gutters may need to be rehung
slightly lower to make room.

The guards are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, including sunlight. Most will last for several years and the more durable gutter guards will keep leaves, twigs, and pests out as long as the gutters are in place.

Where Regular Gutter Cleaning Falls Short

A standard solution to gutter maintenance is annual or bi-annual cleanings. During this time, any collected debris is removed from the gutter, theoretically also removing animal nests, waste, and remains.

Occasional gutter cleanings, however, mean that your home is unprotected the rest of the year. Wildlife damage can occur in a few days, meaning waiting until fall or spring to look for damage can be too late. By that time, animals may have already moved into gutters or progressed even further into your house.

Our Gutter Guard Installation Services

We first examine the gutters and roofline for any signs of animals already there or damage. These are addressed first so we can be sure that your gutters, roof, and attic are in good shape. Then we custom fit the gutter guards.

We work carefully to ensure the gutter guard is flush with your gutter. Any holes or gaps are an entryway for animals and we seal the guard to the gutter and beneath shingles and tiles. A high standard of work guarantees that the gutter guard is both properly installed and will hold against animals, high winds, and other potential damages.

We can install gutter guards on asphalt roofs, slate roofs, tile roofs, and more. We can also work with your existing gutters to choose a gutter guard style that fits securely to keep all pests out.

Wildlife Pests that Live in Your Gutters

Gutters are an ideal spot for pests. Collected leaves and branches give them material to build nests. Insects and animals already in your gutters can provide a food source for other wildlife and prey animals benefit from the protection of being off the ground.

Animals that most frequently live in gutters include:

  • Birds – With flight giving them easy access to gutters and the shelter protecting their nests from wind and predators, birds are one of the most common gutter nuisances. Their nests will clog up gutters and their droppings nearby are a health concern.
  • Mice – Mice can climb into gutters and build extensive nests out of materials they find. Because many mice can squeeze through holes the size of a nickel, any damage in or around your roof will allow them to cross from your gutters into the interior of your house.
  • Rats – Although less of a threat than mice since rats prefer to stay near the ground, rats can still make homes in gutters under the right circumstances. They carry diseases and their chewing and droppings can cause damage to your property.
  • Squirrels – Squirrels spend the majority of their time off the ground. A tree branch or electrical wire that runs to your roof enables them to access your gutters. Squirrels can dismantle fascia and soffits if they want to create a path to move into your home, and the gutter gives them convenient access.
  • Snakes – Able to climb up downspouts and across tree branches, snakes will come into gutters seeking bird eggs and small rodents for food. They can live curled up in your gutter for as long as food is available.

Having debris or animals in your gutters also creates a comfortable environment for insect pests like mosquitoes, flies, ants. If an animal is trapped in the downspout and drowns, the remains will draw a range of scavenger animals and insects to your home while causing an intense and unpleasant odor. The standing water and wet foliage is also prone to insect invasions.

Types of Gutter Guards

Problems with debris and wildlife often go hand in hand, but different types of animals or debris can make certain types of gutter guards more effective for your home. We have several options to choose from, making it possible to find one that works with your roof type, gutter size, wildlife threats, and budget.

Affordable and fast to install, wire or plastic screens lay on top of gutters and are slid under the lowest shingles. They are effective against leaves and buildup that attracts wildlife.

These are made of a fine wire mesh that keeps almost all debris out and uses either window screening material or stainless steel. Because they are secured beneath shingles, to the fascia, or snapped into the gutter itself, they cannot be easily removed by an animal. The wire stands up to the elements well.

Similar to screen guards, these metal gutter guards have perforations in the surface to allow water in but keep out animals and larger debris. They are secured under shingles, making them effective against aggressive animals, and the metal is durable.

Surface tension or reverse curve gutter guards are another option you may see on the market, but they are not effective for keeping out pests. These gutter guards cover the gutter but leave a small opening at the edge for water to pass through while debris sluices off to the ground below. This opening is large enough for small pests to squeeze through and others to begin clawing or chewing at the guard.

Once installed, most gutter guards require little to no maintenance over the years. They also remove the need for regular gutter cleaning so that you can be assured of your gutter’s extended lifespan all year round.

Our high-quality gutter guard options are made to last. Guards made from weather-resistant metals are rust-resistant and will not warp over time. They can easily last as long as your gutters. Plastic guards are also UV resistant and designed for outdoor use, making them a cost-effective option that will last several years.
As an added safety feature for a property and a way to prevent damages caused by animals in gutters, gutter guards are an easy way to raise your property value. The majority of gutter guards lie flat against gutters as well, making them invisible from the ground. You get protection for your gutters without any change to your property’s appearance.

Advantages of Gutter Guards

As opposed to gutter cleaning or simply ignoring your gutters altogether, guards have significant benefits for the properties where they are installed.

Installing gutter guards on the gutters around your home is also more affordable than either dealing with wildlife pests – and any necessary repairs – after they have built nests in your gutters or paying for regular cleaning services that still leave your gutters unprotected.

Why Animal Control NYC – Wildlife Exclusion and Restoration with Gutter Guards

At NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers, we have wildlife solutions to cover every possible wildlife-related issue, from prevention to follow-up after an invasion. If you already have animals in your gutters, we have the licensing and experience to get them out. We can safely remove any local wildlife with our exclusion and removal services. We can also repair any damage done with attic restoration.

Our wildlife management is tailored to your property, enabling us to address the specific risks and challenges you experience with the gutters at your home or business. We are dedicated to providing friendly and professional service as well as:

  • Wildlife expertise, highly trained technicians, and industry-leading gutter guard products.
  • Affordable rates on all our services, including gutter guard installation.
  • Fast service with 24 hour scheduling when needed.

Gutter guards are a good investment for homeowners but can work with gutters at any property, including multifamily residences and commercial properties. Our gutter guard installation is customizable to fit various types of gutters.

In addition to gutter guard installation, our wildlife removal and exclusion services are available to all properties large and small. We can work with you one on one to make recommendations for the right solutions for your property type, local risks, and other unique characteristics to protect your home or business from animals.

We provide gutter guard installation, wildlife removal, wildlife exclusion, and attic restoration in all five boroughs of NYC as well as Long Island City and central New Jersey. Whatever your wildlife concerns, we can respond fast with all the necessary options to meet them.

Get a Quote for Gutter Guard Installation from NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers

While gutters are a necessity for providing effective drainage at your home, they come at the cost of providing the perfect nesting space for animals. We can keep your gutters pest free and improve the lifespan and efficiency of your gutters. Contact our team at 646-741-4333 to get a free no obligation estimate and start the process of securing your home.


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