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What Makes Rat Droppings Dangerous?

What Makes Rat Droppings Dangerous?
Seeing a rat can be a relatively disgusting experience as rats are known for their ability to spread disease. But it is not just the rats themselves you need to worry about. Rat droppings are one of the primary methods through which these rodents spread the diseases they carry, and they will continue to be a concern long after rats have left.

Knowing what rat droppings look like, their risks, and how to safely clean them up are the most reliable ways to help protect yourself from the diseases rodents can carry and spread.

Risks of Rat Droppings
Rats can carry a number of different bacteria. These bacteria are then contained in the rats’ waste products. This becomes a problem if any food comes into contact with rodent droppings, or if you were to touch a surface that was contaminated then touch your food, mouth, nose, or eyes. The bacteria in rat droppings can also become airborne as the droppings dry and turn to dust, causing the particles to spread throughout your space for increased risk of infection.

Some of the bacteria contained in rat droppings includes cause:

  • Salmonella
  • Rat Bite Fever
  • Plague
  • Tularemia
  • Hantavirus

You can identify rat droppings by their appearance. They will be approximately half an inch long and shiny black in color with rounded ends. Mice droppings look similar, but tend to be brown, approximately the size of a grain of rice, and have tapered ends. Since mouse droppings can contain many of the same bacteria, you should use effective cleaning methods with both.

The first step when you find any droppings is to get rid of the rodents that are causing them. After rodents are gone, you will need to clean any remaining droppings since they can remain infectious. For just a few droppings, it is usually safe to clean these yourself with disinfectant. Gloves and masks may keep you safer.

If rodents have been in your home for longer, this can result in a much larger buildup of droppings in areas where the rats were nesting. In these cases, it is often better to leave cleanup to professionals who will have the correct safety and disinfecting equipment to remove all bacteria, as well as restore any parts of your home that may have been damaged by moisture and contact with droppings.

Clean Up After Rodent Invasions with Animal Control NYC
Animal Control NYC offers attic restoration and wild animal cleanup, in addition to rodent removal services, to help you return your home to a safe condition after a rodent infestation. If you have spotted rodent droppings around your home in NYC, contact our team for the best rodent solutions.

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