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Animal Control NYC Solar Panel Protection Against Wildlife in New Dorp, NY

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Animal Control NYC Solar Panel Protection Against Wildlife in New Dorp, NY

For many animals such as raccoons, squirrels, pigeons, rats, chipmunks and other wildlife animals, underneath the solar panel is the perfect location to build a nest. It provides shelter from the harsh weather and warmth from the sun. Once the animals get comfortable under these panels, they become more likely to scratch, claw, and otherwise damage the panels in ways that are expensive and irreversible. Call Animal Control NYC 646-741-4333 today to inspect your solar panels, Animal Control NYC does commercial and residential rooftops in New Dorp, NY.

Mice can poses a danger to your solar panels. They breed quickly and nesting on your roof can provide them easy access to the inside of your home through small openings, potentially leading to a whole-house infestation. Mice also pose a fire danger, if they begin to gnaw and chew on the wiring of the solar panel.

Animals that chew or bump against wiring and electrical components can cause wires to become disconnected, weakened, or severed. This reduces the efficiency of the system and might require wire or panel replacement. This begins to become costly overtime. Inspect your solar panels today with Animal Control NYC solar panel services in New Dorp, NY.

Consisting of stainless steel spikes in variable measurements, bird spikes make it harder for a bird to land on a surface. We install the spikes around the solar array’s framing to help prevent birds from landing on, and potentially scratching, the panels. Animal Control NYC also offers SolaTrim for larger rodents such as opossums, squirrels and raccoons, and our high-quality mesh for smaller critters like mice, rats, and chipmunks.

We can help get rid of wildlife from your businesses, garages, private housing, parking lots, warehouses, cafes, and other types of properties. Animal Control NYC solar panel services are available in New Dorp, NY to all residential areas and commercial properties.

Animal Control NYC offers solar panels proofing for birds, squirrels, raccoons, and other wild animals that can nest under your solar panels. Our solar panel proofing services are available in New Dorp, NY for residential solar panels and commercial rooftop solar panels. For installations of SolaTrim or solar panel guards please call 646-741-4333 today. Installing solar panel critter guards today can help prevent further damage overtime.

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