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Required Steps for Keeping Rodents Off Your Property

Required Steps for Keeping Rodents Off Your Property

There are dozens of reasons to keep mice and rats away from your home and business. They are messy, destructive, and a threat to your health. Once you have one or two, more can quickly follow. If you own a business, keeping it rodent-free is a requirement to prevent health issues.

When you are working to prevent rodents, these are 5 things that you absolutely must do to achieve a baseline of rodent prevention and protection at your property.

Necessary Steps to Keep Rodents Out

Rodents in NYC are aggressive as they go about finding food and shelter. Providing them easy access to these makes it more likely that mice and rats will choose your home over a different one and leave you dealing with an infestation. You can reduce those chances by always:

  • Securing Food – Any food left out – whether it is on your countertops, dirty dishes in the sink, or crumbs left under your living room couch – offers an easy meal for rodents. Seal all food and leftovers and secure containers as soon as you finish using them, clean dishes and wipe down counters every night, and limit any food consumption to a specific area of your home that you sweep and vacuum regularly.
  • Staying Clean – When rodents are not eating, they will need a hiding space and a pile of cardboard boxes, clothes on the floor, and other items cluttering up your home will provide the perfect solution. Regularly put away items and throw out anything you do not need. This also has the benefit of making it easier to sweep and vacuum.
  • Maintaining Your Landscaping – If you are responsible for the exterior of your property, you will want to keep things neat. Overgrown grass and bushes and piles of dead leaves offer hiding places for rodents. Rotting fruits and vegetables from your garden can be a food source. Any trees or shrubs against the side of your home are an easy way for rodents to get access above the ground floor.
  • Making Repairs to Cracks – The small cracks and holes that develop around a property over time are ideal for rodents to squeeze through. You should regularly inspect the interior and exterior of your home for any signs of damage and take steps to repair it as quickly as possible. You can also work with an NYC rodent control company for rodent exclusion.

Animal Control NYC offers both rodent extermination and exclusion for residential and commercial properties. If you already have rodents or are looking to prevent them, contact our expert team for assistance.

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