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Getting Rid of Burrowing Rats

Getting Rid of Burrowing Rats

The species of rats that lives in NYC is the Norway rat. This larger rat prefers subterranean spaces for its nest. In your property, this means these rats are typically in basements and ground level floors. But outside, these rats may burrow underground in order to find warmth and shelter from predators.

This can be a significant problem for homeowners since, although the rats may not yet be in your home, rats breeding outside your home mean that it is relatively easy for them to get inside and start causing problems for your property and health. This is a good reason to remove burrowing rats when you notice them outside.

How to Spot Rat Burrows and Remove Them
When Norway rats burrow outside, they will typically do so in areas of shrubbery, around the roots, in tall grass, or beside a building’s foundation. Rats enter the burrow through a hole in the ground that is about 2 inches wide. They will build tunnels that are usually at least a foot deep, but could be as much as 4 feet deep if the rats can gain access to a basement or similar structure that way.

As the number of rodents increases, a burrow will typically expand outward with more tunnels and entrances. A burrow will typically only contain one family of rats, but this can still be well over a dozen rodents.

If you suspect that signs in your yard may be a rat burrow, you should watch for indicators of rodent activity and take these steps to get rid of rats:

  • Clear Brush – Leaves, twigs, and mulch can all provide additional hiding spots for rats and make it easy to obscure their burrows. Cleaning your yard regularly will prevent yard waste from building up and make it easier to spot burrows if rats begin building them.
  • Seal Up Holes – You can close off a rat burrow by putting a piece of steel wool into the opening, filling the opening with dirt, and tamping it down. This makes it impossible for rodents to get out.
  • Rat Traps – You can insert rat bait into the burrow or place a trap just outside of it. Be mindful that any other outdoor animals, including pets, could be harmed by these rodent control measures if they can get to them.

Another reliable option for getting rid of rats burrowing around your yard is professional pest control. Animal Control NYC can identify Norway rats and other species indoors and outdoors, and plan the correct approach to get rid of them. With our NYC rodent control, we can exterminate rats and provide rodent exclusion to keep any rats that might be outside from getting into your house. Get more information on our rodent control services and get a quote by calling our team.

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