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Are Animal Invasions Covered by Solar Panel Warranties?

Roof solar panels are great for the environment and your energy costs, but they are also the perfect place for animals to nest. The space between the panel and your roof provides protection from weather elements and predators. Birds, rodents, squirrels, and other animals have all been known to move in beneath solar panels.

These nesting animals put the solar panels at risk and damage by invading animals is rarely covered under your solar panel’s warranty. If damage occurs, you are responsible for the repairs.

Why Doesn’t a Solar Panel Warranty Cover Wildlife and What Are the Risks?
Most solar panel companies in NY and NJ specifically exclude damage caused by animals from their warranties. Wildlife damage is included in the same categories as both neglect and uncontrollable environmental challenges. Essentially, the solar company has no control over animals and puts the burden of maintenance on the homeowner.

This leaves both your solar panels and your roof unprotected. Animals nesting or even crawling around beneath your solar panels risks the following harm:

  • Wire Damage – Solar panels use delicate wires to connect the panel to the power supply. Animals that disturb these wires or chew through them can cause system malfunctions.
  • Scratched Panels – Scratches on your panel and other wear and tear caused by wildlife shortens a solar panel’s service life.
  • Roof Damage – If your solar panels frequently attract nesting birds, the weight of nests and corrosive droppings can damage the roof underneath your panels as well.

The wrong damage can cause your panels to stop functioning completely, but more minimal destruction can result in a loss in efficiency.

How to Protect Your Solar Panels from Animals
While the solar company can do little to control animal invasions or cover damage costs, there are still protection options for you as the property owner. Critter guards are a proven exclusion method for solar panels.

Often made of a narrow wire mesh, critter guards attach to the roof and solar panels. They close the gap between the two while still permitting air flow.

For protection of solar panels in NY and NJ, NYC Animal Control Trappers offers installation of critter guards. We securely place guards around your solar panels, taking care to protect both your roof and panels. Critter guards have the potential to save you hundreds or thousands in damages later on. Call us today to discuss how we can protect your solar panels.

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