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How Pigeons Survive the Winter

How Pigeons Survive the Winter

Many birds have a reputation for flying south to warmer climates during the winter. This is not the case with pigeons. Pigeons do not migrate. In fact, for pigeons in NYC, winter can be one of the seasons where pigeon populations increase as their biology and dependence on human populations enable them to survive easily all winter long.

Why Do Pigeons Do So Well in New York in the Winter?

Pigeons are well accustomed to surviving lower temperatures. They have a downy fluff that helps insulate them and have been known to survive temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. They need to eat voraciously throughout the day in order to have the energy to maintain their body heat at night, but as long as they do this they are more than able to survive a New York winter. The local environment is also ideal for pigeons for many different reasons, including:

  • Urban Heat Island Effect – Because NYC has extensive pavement and buildings that absorb and retain heat, as well as people, cars, and other traffic the city is naturally a few degrees warmer than surrounding areas. This makes it more comfortable for pigeons to be scavenging for food on the streets of New York and can induce pigeons nearby to flock to the area.
  • Easy Food Access – NYC remains active even when it gets cold and businesses and homes continue to produce trash and food scraps that pigeons can feed on, making the city a dependable place for pigeons to find a meal even when it is cold.
  • Plentiful Shelter – Wild pigeons need to find a sheltered place to hide when they are not scavenging for food, such as in tree trunks and in the crevices of rocks. City pigeons need to do the same and will find shelter in areas around the city such as attics, roof vents, wall voids, lights, and other warm and secure locations.

Pigeons most often become a problem in the winter by roosting in homes and businesses to keep warm where they create an annoying mess up that also brings risks of diseases and other pests. This makes it important to get rid of pigeons that may be living inside your home.

Animal Control NYC has solutions for pigeon trapping and pigeon exclusion to help keep pigeons off of your property. If you are experiencing issues with birds at any time, contact our team to learn how we can help.

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