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Now is the Time for Bat Exclusion in NYC and New Jersey

Now is the Time for Bat Exclusion in NYC and New Jersey

With the beginning of August, it is now possible to safely and legally schedule bat exclusion for your property. The schedule is determined by the bats’ breeding and hibernation cycles, making August to the middle of October one of the few times of the year in which you can safely get rid of bats from your attic, walls, or wherever else bats might be living.

Why Should You Schedule Bat Exclusion Now?

Bats are a protected species, because years of inhumane bat extermination, habitat depletion, and disease have significantly reduced the numbers of many bat species in NYC and NJ. This is despite the fact that bats are extremely beneficial to the local environment.

To protect bats, New Jersey and New York forbid bat exclusion at certain times of the year when doing so could prove harmful to bats. This scheduling is based on when bats have babies and hibernate, which makes the current month of August one of the best, and one of the few times a year that you can exclude bats.

This is because in August, all of the baby bats have aged into adults and leave the nest nightly to seek out food on their own. This makes it possible to conduct exclusion using the following process:

  • Locate all entry points.
  • Install one way exits over entry points.
  • Wait several days for bats to leave the property on their own.
  • Remove one way exits and seal entrances completely.

If you were to schedule bat exclusion before the bat pups are leaving the house, this would trap the baby bats inside and prevent the adult bats from being able to bring them food, resulting in their death. This can be both illegal and a hassle for homeowners to deal with.

In addition to the season for exclusion beginning in August, homeowners in NYC and New Jersey also need to complete bat exclusion before mid October when temperatures start to drop, and bats go into hibernation. At this point, they again will not leave the nest for the remainder of winter, making removal impossible.

If you already suspect that bats are living inside your home, schedule bat exclusion as soon as possible. This is also a great time of year to perform an inspection for bats. For bat inspections, exclusions, or any other bat control services Animal Control NYC is the top company to humanely and reliably remove bats from your home. Contact us today to get started.

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