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Decontamination After a Squirrel Infestation

Every animal leaves traces when they nest inside a property. Squirrels tend to be somewhat cleaner than other wildlife invaders. They don’t scatter their droppings on every available surface like rodents and their smaller size makes them less destructive than larger animals like raccoons. But they do still leave droppings and chew wiring, causing future challenges if not cleaned as soon as the squirrels are removed.

How Squirrel Infestations Cause Ongoing Damage

While squirrels are residing in your attic or walls, they distribute food items, droppings, bacteria, and their unique pheromones around their nesting area. These remnants of their time in your home make getting rid of the infestation only the first step. You also need to address:

  • Concentrated Dropping Areas – Squirrels use a latrine – a single, confined area – for their feces and urine. There will be a significant build up of droppings that corrode insulation and drywall as they break down.
  • Nesting Debris – If a squirrel brought in food to stockpile or other objects, those can carry bacteria and begin to decompose.
  • Lingering Pheromones – Nesting and breeding releases natural pheromones that other animals, especially other squirrels, can sense. The squirrels’ living area will be saturated with pheromones that will draw in future pests.
  • Insulation and Wiring Damage – Squirrels are avid chewers and may have torn through insulation, wires, and other materials during their stay.

Leaving these areas as they are can lower the efficiency of your home, create structural problems later on, attract other squirrels or pests, and have long term health effects for your family as bacteria grows.

Professional Squirrel Decontamination from NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers

With animal removal and property restoration services following an infestation, NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers can safely remove squirrels and the damage caused by their nesting from your home or business. Our careful process focuses on every type of damage squirrels can leave behind, by:

  • Locating Problem Areas – Our inspection reveals the latrine area, damaged insulation and wiring, and other places that need addressed.
  • Taking Out Insulation – If insulation has been contaminated with feces or torn, we remove and dispose of it, replacing it with new insulation.
  • Fogging Treatment – We apply a fogging treatment to eradicate any microbes, bacteria, and fungi that remain behind. This treatment removes pheromones and pests like ticks or fleas still in your home.
  • Replacing Damaged Structures – If anything else has been damaged, we make sure to repair and replace it as needed.

Our experience with decontamination and attic restoration in NY and NJ means that you can be sure your home is fully protected against any ongoing damage. We remove every trace the squirrels might leave, no matter how extensive. To get professional squirrel clean up in NYC or NJ, call us at 646-741-4333.

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