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What Kinds of Damage Can Squirrels Do?

Squirrels might seem relatively harmless out in nature, and it is true that many squirrels are herbivores not known to attack humans, so their risks to people and pets are limited. But as squirrels seek out warm places to nest – along with plants and seeds to eat – they can be incredibly destructive, and cause substantial damage if they come into your home or garden.

Damage Inside Your Home

Attics, the spaces under roof eaves, and the space inside of walls can all provide a comfortable space for squirrels to nest. Yet while living inside your home, squirrels can cause extensive destruction that will need to be repaired. This includes:

  • Chewed Holes – As squirrels make their way into your home, they can use their claws and teeth to create holes in siding, fascia, and soffits that are large enough for them to pass through. Inside, they will often continue chewing on insulation for nesting.
  • Electrical Outages – Running along electrical cables is a common way to enter a home, but can cause shorts in transformers when they do this. They will also frequently chew on wiring inside of your home, causing power outages and potentially fires. 
  • Debris – A long term nest indoors will often lead to a collection of food, nesting materials, droppings, and other debris. This can contaminate insulation, cause mold, and attract insects and rodents, even after the squirrels are removed.

Professional wildlife restoration can ensure that any results of a squirrel infestation are properly repaired, but also implement fixes to keep squirrels from invading at all.

Damage to Your Yard

Even when squirrels don’t come inside, they can still damage unmonitored yards and gardens. Their behavior often leads to:

  • Garden Damage – Ripe fruits and vegetables are a source of food for squirrels who can raid gardens and consume your crop.
  • Uprooted Plants – Squirrels will dig up flower bulbs to feed on.
  • Holes in the Lawn – Squirrels will dig beneath your lawn looking for nuts and seeds, leaving unattractive holes that can damage your grass.
  • Damage to Bird Feeders – Bird feed can contain seeds that squirrels feed on, prompting them to force their way in. They can tear down or knock over feeders in addition to scaring off birds.

Squirrels in your yard are often seeking out food in the form of your garden or seeds in bird feeders. Limiting these sources can help deter squirrels, and exclusion can offer additional control methods.

Protecting Your Home and Yard from Squirrels

If you suspect squirrels living inside your home, you should call professional wildlife control. At NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers, we safely remove squirrels and install deterrents to keep them from coming back. Call us to find out more about how we prevent squirrel damage.

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