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Common Wildlife Problems in Somerville, NJ

From your own yard to the streets of historic downtown, it is not unusual to see a variety of wildlife in Somerville. Birds and squirrels are common around any open space, and other animals like raccoons, chipmunks, and snakes sometimes show themselves. Yet the number of wild animals and their proximity to populated areas means that wildlife invasions in homes and businesses are common.

Animals nest in buildings or in the surrounding yards, often seeking out food or shelter from predators and the elements. While present, different animals can cause damage, spread disease, and simply be an unwelcome presence. If you need 24 hour wildlife removal in Somerville, contact us at 646-741-4333.

Types of Wildlife in Somerville

  • Like other towns in New Jersey, Somerville deals with animals that thrive in wooded areas and climates with warm summers and cold winters. Many local wildlife species are also those that increasingly rely on human populations for sustenance and shelter. These include:
  • Mice and Rats – Rodents breed rapidly and soon have an extensive population living in one home. They have the potential to contaminate food, spread diseases, destroy insulation, and chew through wiring.
  • Birds – Bird nests and droppings create unwanted, and often damaging debris when birds nest around the exterior of a property, under solar panels, or in attics.
  • Bats – In Somerville, bats often move into attics and walls in the spring before having babies. There are several health risks, including rabies, associated with bats and they can be difficult to remove without professional bat exclusion.
  • Chipmunks and Squirrels – These animals will often collect large quantities of food in attic nests. They’ll also move insulation around to help construct their nests, requiring extensive cleanup once they are gone.
  • Raccoons – These nocturnal animals are known to make messes in yards when they get into garbage for food. They may also temporarily nest in attics or under porches during breeding seasons.
  • Opossums – Although usually harmless, opossums can make a mess in trash and might take temporary shelter under a patio or deck. They almost always move on by themselves, but might become a nuisance if they frequently visit a property.
  • Snakes – Most common in yards during warm months and basements in the winter, snakes often leave on their own, but can be dangerous if they are venomous.

NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers is a local wildlife control company with extensive experience in removing the animals that invade properties in Somerville. We use humane techniques for animal removal and follow up with prevention and restoration services to ensure your home or business is protected in the future.

Our response is fast, including 24 hour emergency services, so that we can intervene before damage from invading wildlife becomes worse. Give us a call at 646-741-4333 to find out more about how we handle Somerville wildlife or schedule services.

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