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Should You Fear Bats?

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Should You Fear Bats?

With Halloween approaching, you are likely to see many bats in the next few weeks, although primarily fake ones. Bats are meant to be scary and dangerous creatures at Halloween haunted houses. But bats are actually almost entirely harmless and instead extremely beneficial to have around our cities.

There are only two reasons why you should be worried about bats and why you should call a professional if you have bats in your home.

When Bats Can be Dangerous

The first way bats can be dangerous is through structural damage. When bats roost, they inevitably drop guano (or bat droppings) and urine. As they continue to roost, the guano builds up into a significant pile. This is a problem for a number of reasons, including:

  • Excess Moisture – When bat guano sits on surfaces, the moisture can begin to seep in, causing wood rot, making insulation ineffective, and causing structures to warp.
  • Uric Acid – Bat urine contains uric acid which is corrosive. When left on the surface, it will wear it away. This applies to paint, metal, and a range of other materials.
  • Odors – Guano and urine in your home will cause bad odors that can begin to permeate through your whole house.
  • Other pests – The smell will potentially attract other pests to your home for additional animal and insect problems.

The other way that bats can be a risk is through various health problems. Blood sucking bats are a myth, so you do not have to worry about vampire bats. But bats are still a leading cause of rabies infections after a bite or scratch from an infected bat.

A more prominent health concern with bats is histoplasmosis. This is a fungus that grows in bat guano. As the guano dries and powderizes, any disturbance can send it circulating through the air of your home. If someone breathes in the fungi, it can cause a range of respiratory issues. Histoplasmosis can exist anywhere where there is a buildup of bat guano, even if the bats have already been removed.

With our eco-friendly bat exclusion at Animal Control NYC, we can safely mitigate these risks with bats while also providing solutions that are harmless for the bats. We also have cleanup services that can remove any lingering risks from bats and restore damage that has occurred. To learn more about our bat control and attic restoration services, call our team today.

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