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Pigeon Trapping Versus Pigeon Deterrents: Which is Right for Your Business?

Pigeon Trapping Versus Pigeon Deterrents: Which is Right for Your Business?

Pigeons in NYC are about to begin laying eggs, which means we can expect them to start building nests and congregating around the areas where they can find food. Unfortunately, this often leads to a large number of pigeons perching on local businesses where they annoy your customers and leave behind disgusting droppings.

Pigeon droppings often contain bacteria like E. coli, salmonella, encephalitis, and histoplasmosis. In addition to the unattractive look of droppings, these health hazards make it important to keep pigeons away from your business to maintain a professional appearance and to prevent any health risks among your customers and employees.

Differences Between Pigeon Deterrents and Pigeon Traps

Deterrents and other pigeon proofing methods are physical items that can be installed to make your property less ideal for pigeons. Some of the most common types include:

  • Bird Spikes
  • Bird Ledges
  • Solar Panel Guards
  • Electronic Strips
  • Motion Deterrents

The goal of items like spikes is to make it impossible for birds to land on a ledge while other items like guards will use metal mesh to keep birds out of a space.

These can be effective for preventing pigeons from coming to your property, but there are certain limitations if you are already dealing with a significant pigeon problem. Pigeons are highly territorial and will return to the same locations year after year. They are also very resourceful, so deterrents may have limited effect against their desire to return to your business if they have nested there before.

With bird spikes for instance, pigeons are able to collect enough nesting material to build their nest directly on top of the spikes. They can also become accustomed to motion deterrents and if you block their path with wire mesh or other bird guards, they may find another location close by in your property to perch on.

If this happens, pigeon trapping can be a more effective method to get rid of pigeons at a business in NYC. The process needs to be done by a wildlife control expert since there are some risks in handling pigeons. A wildlife professional will place humane traps in strategic locations based on the design of your property and where pigeons are nesting and relocate the trapped pigeons to remove any birds who will not otherwise move away from your property on their own.

For businesses who have an ongoing pigeon problem, NY and NJ Animal Control can recommend and implement the best methods to get rid of pigeons at your property. Contact us to learn more about our various bird control services and keep your property safe from pigeon-related issues this spring.

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