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Repairing Damage Left from a Raccoon Infestation

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A nuisance wildlife infestation in your residential or commercial property is going to leave behind damage. If the animal in your property was a raccoon, the damage is likely to be more extreme than other wildlife pests due to the animal’s larger size and strength.

This destruction left behind after raccoon removal can have lasting impacts. Without efforts to correct raccoon damage, you could be at greater risk for future pest invasions, health issues, decreased comfort, higher energy bills, and more expensive repairs in the future.

Types of Damage to Homes and Commercial Properties
After a raccoon has lived in your home, the scope of the damage will be based on how long they were there and where they lived. Raccoons often enter properties at roof level and live in attics. They may also live under decks, in garages, and in sheds. Although any raccoon can theoretically invade a property, most of these raccoons are generally females ready to have babies, as these places provide a safe and quiet environment in which to raise their young.

Depending on where they lived, the damage they caused could include:

  • Roof Damage – Raccoons have powerful claws that, unlike smaller wildlife pests, enable them to force their way into homes. They may pry open vents, rip soffits and fascia, and tear off shingles as they force their way into a home. These holes leave your home exposed to the elements and other pests.
  • Torn Insulation – Insulation is an ideal material for raccoons to build nests from and they can easily tear it out of walls whether it is exposed or they first chew through drywall covering it. Missing insulation makes it more difficult and costly to heat or cool your home.
  • Contamination – Surfaces where raccoons nested or spent time can be covered in feces, urine, fur, food remains, and more. These substances can contain bacteria that continue to permeate your home while the smell attracts other wildlife and insects.
  • Other Damage – With their ability to chew and tear, raccoons may also go for HVAC ducts, wiring, drywall, wooden beams, storage boxes, and other parts of your attic. This results in a weekend structure, possible fire risks, and other damage that needs to be corrected.

Because the damage can be so significant and potentially hazardous, it is best to leave raccoon cleanup to professionals. 24/7 Pest Control NYC can manage decontamination and sanitization in addition to repairing and replacing any areas the raccoons damaged. If you are recovering from a raccoon invasion at your property, give us a call.

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