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Attic Decontamination in NY and NJ

Attic Sanitizing in NY and NJ

In most cases, the animals themselves are not the most dangerous part of a wildlife invasion. There is a small risk of a bite or attack from an animal, but it is the damage they cause and the droppings/debris they leave behind that is most harmful to your family and your property.

Once bats, rodents, birds, or another pest has been removed from your attic, it is important to follow up with restoration to ensure there will be no lingering effects from the infestation. NY & NJ Animal Control Trappers uses a comprehensive process to identify and respond to bacteria containing animal droppings and dust. We also deep clean your attic and sanitize the space to remove any pathogens.

If you have wildlife living in your attic or have recently eliminated an infestation in NYC or central New Jersey, trust us to take the next step to have your attic back to the way it was before animals invaded. Call us at 646-741-4333 to learn more about our process and schedule attic restoration services.

Our Attic Restoration Services

At NY & NJ Animal Control Trappers, we believe that animal removal and post-invasion cleanup are both essential parts of wildlife control. We can handle animals if they are still living in your attic with humane trapping, removal, and exclusion, but once animals are gone – or if you’ve eliminated them yourself – we complete the process, by cleaning, sanitizing, and restoring your attic

Many rodents and birds are able to enter tiny areas, so the inspection process is intensive to identify any place animals may have contaminated. After noting every area that contains debris, we begin the process of cleaning your attic. This includes:

  • Isolate Work Site – We prep the site where the animal infestation occurred by blocking off the entry and any other areas that might act as a pathway between the attic and the home. The cleaning process has the potential to release dust into the air and screening prevents that dust spreading.
  • Remove Insulation – If insulation has been destroyed by animal activity or feces, we pull it out and dispose of it. This can be done by hand or with a specialized vacuum to remove insulation. When it is removed by hand, it is collected in bags that do not allow for air particles to escape.
  • Clean Debris – We vacuum floors, walls, and other surfaces with a high powered vacuum that removes guano, bird droppings, rodent droppings, and other debris and captures them securely in the vacuum.
  • Sanitize and Decontaminate – A sanitizer kills any remaining bacteria or fungal growth that remains after clean up. We use a piece of equipment called a fogger to disperse the nontoxic sanitizer evenly throughout the affected space.
  • Replace Insulation – We finish the process by reinstalling insulation and other damaged materials when necessary. The resulting installation will be of the same quality or higher as the original insulation so insulation is both efficient and clean.

Throughout the process, your safety and the safety of our technicians is paramount. This is why we prevent air transfer from the decontamination site to the rest of your home and follow strict standards to prevent tracking bacteria-filled dust out of the attic. Our technicians wear professional grade protective equipment such as body suits, respirators, and eye protection that makes the potential biohazard of cleaning animal waste safer and more controlled.

Why Decontamination is Important – Attic Dangers After a Wildlife Invasion

An animal that has been nesting in your attic will leave behind a mess. Droppings are the most common challenge, present among all animals, and can be found in and around any area animals roost. A large infestation – or one that has been present for many months – will have a greater buildup and, therefore, more significant damage.

That buildup may also occur on areas of the property that are not easily cleaned. For example, it is not uncommon for animals to leave behind droppings, urine, and bacteria on insultation. Droppings contaminate the insulation, making it both a holding area for bacteria and causing the insulation to be less efficient as it becomes saturated.

Droppings can also eat away at wooden and metal beams. The feces of bats and birds in particular contains uric acid which will weaken materials and the overall support structure in the attic. When left long enough, these droppings can seep through to the ceiling below and cause staining and mold growth.

There are also significant health risks when it comes to the droppings and urine that animals leave behind. Even long after the animal is gone, the bacteria and fungi in droppings remain and continue to put occupants at risk.

The droppings from bats and birds can be a breeding ground for different fungi. While a few droppings is usually harmless, higher amounts of droppings can quickly become breeding grounds for pathogens. For example, bat guano (an accumulation of bat droppings) and bird droppings become dust once they dry, providing a soil-like base for fungus to grow in.

The dust can also enter the air with the fungus. When a person inhales the fungi, it can cause:

  • Histoplasmosis
  • Cryptococcosis
  • Psittacosis

Mice and rats transmit diseases through their droppings and urine as well. When the viruses in the rodent waste enter the air, inhaling the pathogens can lead to:

  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome
  • Lymphocytic-Chorio Meningitis

Droppings, urine, and saliva also harbor many bacteria that can cause illness.

Another source of disease is animal remains. Many infestations will leave dead animals that could not be removed with trapping. These remains can be trapped in hard to reach spaces, but still have the potential to spread disease, give off unappealing odors, and attract insects as they decompose.

The risks associated with leftover animal droppings and remains is the primary reason why professional sanitization and decontamination is necessary after an infestation. Leaving the debris alone or attempting to clean it on your own can release dangerous particulates into the air. From there, it can enter vents in your attic and spread to living areas.

Likewise, contaminated insulation results in long term costs as heating and cooling requires more energy to keep your home comfortable. Having a professional replace damaged materials and remove all bacteria helps keep your property safe and protected.

What Makes Our Services Different?

There are already many reasons why a professional attic restoration is important after an animal invasion to limit the spread of disease and ensure a complete clean. NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers is a licensed and insured wildlife control company with the knowledge, experience, and training to take on any animal invasion.
Our technicians are trained in the latest methods and safety procedures for attic restoration. They also have the access and skills to use high tech equipment that is more efficient and better at protecting against health risks during cleanup.

With our services for attic decontamination and sanitizing, you can be sure that:

  • We thoroughly decontaminate every area, including hard to reach spaces, so no trace is left.
  • We take precautions so your family is safe during the process.
  • Our prices are competitive in the area.

Because we can help you with any wildlife control need – prevention, removal, exclusion, and cleanup – we are the company you can turn to for any challenge with animals around your home or business. We work quickly, including offering 24-hour services, to address challenges when they occur and giving you the confidence of knowing your property is protected.

Areas We Service

Our team serves properties throughout NYC, working with those in Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn. We also travel to many towns in New Jersey, including Marlborough Township, Freehold, Wall Township, Howell, Farmington, Manalapan, and more. We also offer NJ wildlife control in Shore Towns like Long Branch, Belmar, Sea Bright, and Deal. Wherever you are located, call us to confirm our services in your area.

We can clean and sanitize after a wildlife invasion at any property, from homes to apartments to commercial properties of any size. Our other wildlife services are also available at any type of property.

Let NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers Clean and Sanitize Your Attic

Knowing animals have been successfully removed from your attic may feel like a reason to breathe a sigh of relief. But the challenges aren’t over yet. We will make sure that the animals didn’t leave any harmful droppings behind or cause lasting damage to your home. If they did, we perform a restoration process that leaves your attic secure once more.

With our highly trained specialists and quality practices, sanitizing your property does not have to be a challenge. Contact us at 646-741-4333 to restore your attic with the industry’s safest and most effective team.


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