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Bird Wiring vs Bird Spiking: Which is the Best Choice for Your Pigeon Problem?

Bird Wiring vs Bird Spiking: Which is the Best Choice for Your Pigeon Problem?

Pigeons are one of the ultimate nuisance wildlife pests in NYC. They have plenty of food available and are adept at finding shelters, so they are almost guaranteed to be abundant around your property and able to land on any available surface.

This means that physical forms of bird control are often the most successful against pigeons. Two of the leading options are bird wiring and bird spikes. Understanding what the two methods can achieve is what makes it possible for a wildlife control company to determine which is the right solution for your property.

Hot to Use Bird Wire and Bird Spikes to Get Rid of Pigeons

Bird spikes and bird wire are humane solutions that do not harm pigeons, but instead act as physical impediments that keep birds from landing on a certain space. Bird spikes are a narrow strip of metal spikes mounted on a plastic base. The spikes stick up vertically from a surface.

Bird wire consists of multiple metal rods placed around the area to be protected with a network of wires in between. A pigeon that tries to land on the surface will be interrupted and forced to land elsewhere.

The right solution for your property depends on several factors, including:

  • Size of the Space – Bird spikes are ideal for window ledges, lights, and other more narrow areas. A bird wire can more easily cover larger spaces and prevent pigeons from accessing a more extensive square footage.
  • Exterior Profile – Both bird spikes and bird wire are subtle, but they are not completely invisible. Based on the space you are protecting from pigeons and what you want for your property, one option may be less apparent than the other.
  • Problems with Other Birds – In addition to pigeons, these methods can be effective against a variety of other bird species. If you are experiencing problems with other NYC pest birds, you can choose a bird control that will work against them as well.

Choosing between bird spiking and bird wiring for getting rid of pigeons in NYC begins with a survey from our technicians at Animal Control NYC. We can assess which solutions will work best, drawing from these and our other pigeon proofing options, to install effective and long lasting options to help keep birds away from your business. Call us to get more information.

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