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Different Pigeon Control Methods that Professional Use

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Different Pigeon Control Methods that Professional Use

Hiring a professional pigeon control company is the best way to get rid of pigeons in NYC. With their experience and bird control products, they are able to implement various methods to remove any pigeons and help prevent pigeons from coming back.

Since there are a wide variety of methods that effectively keep pigeons away, it is valuable to know what solutions a pest professional may use on your property, including how they work and what results you might expect from them.

Types of Professional Pigeon Control

Although pigeons are a nuisance, reputable pigeon control companies in NYC will practice humane wildlife control methods that get rid of pigeons without any unnecessary harm to the birds. Some of the methods they may use include:

  • Habitat Modification – A pest professional can provide recommendations for eliminating food, water, and nesting spots. This is also helpful in providing long-term pigeon control.
  • Pigeon Screening – Screens made of wire mesh can physically keep pigeons out of small cavities around your building and the space underneath solar panels.
  • Low Visibility Bird Spikes – Bird spikes are a common solution for pigeon control at commercial properties. A professional will place metal or plastic spikes along ledges, rooftops, and lights. Although they may look dangerous, spikes are harmless and simply prevent pigeons from landing in a specific location.
  • Bird Netting – Similar to mesh screening, pigeon netting is a UV-resistant polyurethane net. As a fabric, its flexibility means that it can be wrapped around almost any area at properties, such as architectural futures and window ledges to prevent pigeons from getting into them.
  • Scare Tactics – Pigeon control professionals may also use scare tactics like owl or hawk decoys and products that move or make noise to frighten pigeons away.
  • Pigeon Trapping – When you need to get rid of pigeons actively causing issues in the property, trapping might be an effective solution. It involves placing bait into wire cages and then removing pigeons trapped in the cages. When used in conjunction with habitat modification, you can often keep pigeons from coming back.

Part of what makes professional pigeon control in NYC so valuable is that an experienced team will know exactly which of these various methods will be most effective. Animal Control NYC has provided effective pigeon control for many years to homes and businesses throughout the area and uses the most reliable methods for long-term management of pigeons at your property. Contact us today to get started.

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