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Strategies to Get Rid of Pigeons at Your Home

Pigeons are one of the biggest nuisance pests among the birds and wildlife in NYC, as they create messes and spread germs. They are also used to living in urban areas and seem unbothered for many of the things you might do to frighten them away.

But there are still a few steps you can take to deter pigeons from landing or nesting around your home, cutting down on the hassles of dealing with this pest.

DIY and Professional Pigeon Removal Methods

There are a few techniques that pigeons do not like and that you can utilize these to naturally scare them away. Strong smells, bright lights, loud noises, and the threat of predators nearby can be helpful in repelling pigeons. Some ways that you can incorporate these into pigeon control include:

  • Scented Sprays – There are commercially available scented sprays or you can make your own using essential oils like peppermint, cinnamon, or lemon mixed with vinegar. Spicy peppers will also work. Regularly spray your repellent on places where pigeons frequently land. You can also use mothballs which create a strong and unpleasant smell for pigeons.
  • Create Movement and Light – Shiny objects that move in the wind will frighten and disorient pigeons, which is good for keeping them away from a small area like your garden. You can hang strips of aluminum foil or CDs by a string, or set up store-bought items like pinwheels.
  • Make Noise – Windchimes in your garden and ultrasonic bird repellents will make sounds that startle pigeons.
  • Imitate Natural Predators – Hawks, owls, falcons, and cats are some of the pigeons’ natural predators. If your cat goes outside, that can be helpful against pigeons. You can also place a plastic figure of an owl or hawk around your yard to frighten pigeons.

Although many homeowners find these methods effective, pigeons will often quickly get used to them and start ignoring them. A pigeon may realize the plastic predator animals are not real and become accustomed to noises. In order to remain effective, these methods often require frequently changing the environment to prevent pigeons from getting comfortable.

Another strategy is exclusion, using physical obstacles to make it impossible for pigeons to roost around your property. Physical deterrents include options like bird spikes, sloped ledges, and shock tape, as well as sealing up small holes if pigeons are getting into your home or other buildings or on your property.

Animal Control NYC provides a comprehensive pigeon control plan using physical deterrents and visual deterrents to give you long-lasting results, drawing on our extensive knowledge and a range of products to get rid of pigeons. Get started with our NYC pigeon control by contacting us today.

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