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Understanding the Different Types of Bat Problems

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Understanding the Different Types of Bat Problems

The scope of a bat problem can vary widely. When a person contacts a NYC wildlife removal company, they could be calling about anything from one bat that has flown into their house to an expansive bat colony that has been nesting in the attic for years.

The solutions for each of these problems are different, and knowing what your problem is important for taking the next steps to manage it.

What to Do About Your Bat Problem

Determining the right step when you have bats in your home depends largely on how many bats are present, how the bats are behaving, and where they are. You should do the following for each of these bat problems:

  • One Resting Bat Outside – If you find a bat outside your house just lying there or not really moving, it is best to give it space for a few days. Bats might be taking a rest or be hurt. Within a few days, it may be able to move on again. If the bat is still there after several days, you should call a wildlife removal company to have it picked up. Do not handle the bat yourself.
  • Single Bat Inside Your House – A bat can sometimes mistakenly fly into your home through an open door or window. When this happens, you might be able to get it out yourself by closing any doors or windows except for those that will give the bat a direct path out of your home. If that is not leaving on its own, you will need to call for wildlife control.
  • Multiple Roosting Bats – Attics and small spaces around homes in NYC can be a great roosting space for bats. They will sleep during the daytime and fly off at night to find food before returning in the morning. For any number of roosting bats, wildlife control is necessary to safely perform that exclusion that will remove bats and prevent them from getting back in.

Animal Control NYC is a highly experienced bat exclusion company in NYC that also offers attic restoration after wildlife damage, including that done by bats. We can get rid of bats whether you have a single bat currently flying around your home or looking for a solution for numerous bats in your attic. Contact our team to schedule that exclusion with us this fall.

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