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What Makes Squirrels Dangerous?

Squirrel Removal Services in NYC and NJ

Out in nature, squirrels rarely seem like a threat. They are small and tend to run away when people get too close. Many people even find them “cute,” and see them as an enjoyable part of being out in nature.

Inside a house, however, the behaviors that are harmless in nature can suddenly pose a threat to people and pets living in the home – as well as the structure itself. Squirrels, which can nest in paces like attics and walls, become significant risks to your property that need to be addressed immediately, because these “cute” animals become an instant high risk problem.

Risks of Squirrels Inside a Home

Squirrels can enter your home through small holes in your property. Most homes will eventually develop these holes, which may be as small as a half dollar. These holes may be found in places like vents, cracks in the foundation, gaps underneath the roof eaves, and more. Once inside, they will often build a nest where they can collect food and mate.

The moment they start living inside of your home, the damage begins. Some of the most common challenges squirrels cause are:

  • Property Damage – The area around squirrels’ nests can become filled with debris, food, and droppings. Depending on where the nest is located, this can damage insulation and drywall through staining, corrosion, and squirrels scratching or chewing.
  • Fire Hazards – Squirrels might chew on the wiring in walls. This can result in anything from a power outage to a fire if the wires spark.
  • Disease Potential – A small percentage of squirrels carry rabies which can be spread to humans through a bite. All wild animals carry diseases and bacteria as well, which can be spread through scratching or infected droppings.
  • Chance of Attacks – Although they are small, a squirrel will defend itself when threatened, and may find being trapped in an attic or around your home frightening enough to attack. This means they can strike against an adult, child, or other animal in the household.

The primary way to avoid these risks is to keep them from entering your home by sealing off entry points. If squirrels have already come into your home, they should be removed as soon as soon as possible.

Contact NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers for Squirrel Removal

Because of the risk of attacks and disease, removing a squirrel infestation can be dangerous for a homeowner. Rather than put yourself at risk, it is best to call a professional animal control company with technicians trained in safely handling wildlife like squirrels.

Animal Control Trappers is a humane wildlife control company that uses trapping to capture and remove any squirrels on your property. We also offer exclusion services to identify and seal up those areas squirrels can use to enter your home. Exclusion can protect your home and family from the dangers of squirrels by keeping them out altogether.

When you need assistance with squirrels or another wildlife challenge in NYC or NJ, give us a call.

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