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When Are Birds a Problem?

Birds are valuable animals in nature. Unlike rats and mice, they also are less common invaders of a home or business. But when birds start to invade your property, inside or outside, they can become a more serious problem.

As they seek out warm, safe spaces, birds might build their nests in eaves and rafters, machinery, crevices in walls, and other areas of a property. Even birds that don’t build nests can leave unsightly and hazardous droppings when they land. While one or two birds might not seem like a problem, birds will return to the same areas year after year and you could soon find it much more difficult to get them to leave.

Why Are Birds a Challenge?

Birds are a challenge around both residential and commercial properties. Ranging from cosmetic to health issues, birds in and around your home or business pose some significant problems. These include:

  • Noise Concerns – Depending on the type and number of birds, several bird nests can be loud, irritating customers and neighbors.
  • Potential to Spread Disease – Bird droppings, nests, and the birds themselves can carry diseases like West Nile virus, Salmonella, Avian pox, and more, all of which can be passed to humans that come in contact with the birds or droppings.
  • Staining and Erosion – In addition to being a health concern, bird droppings are acidic. When they build up on the walls, floors, machinery, and other spaces, they can erode and stain.
  • Fire Risk – Birds try to nest in warm spaces, which can mean nearby electrical equipment, solar panels, and more. Because bird nests are made of twigs, leaves, and other flammable materials, a bird nest is at risk of starting a fire.
  • Unprofessional – The appearance of bird dropping and debris around your business is unattractive, and customers might be turned away. For homeowners, it can be an eyesore that may hurt property values.
  • Health Code Violations – For businesses, health concerns caused by birds can lead to health departments issuing violations if evidence of birds is found around workers or food production.

While many of these issues can be solved by frequent cleaning, cleaning is expensive, time consuming, and can put your employees at risk during the cleaning process. Instead, businesses should consider keeping birds away entirely.

How to Keep Birds Away from Your Property?

Birds are intelligent animals, and an important part of nature. Extermination is neither recommended nor warranted. That’s why the best approach is to deter birds, especially in areas that are frequently a problem for new birds coming in and out.

A number of methods have been devised to deter birds from landing and nesting on a property. Different products can be installed to customize to your needs, but common options include:

  • Bird Spikes
  • Bird Netting
  • Visual Deterrents
  • Bird Repellents

These bird deterrents are all humane and non-chemical, meaning no harm will come to birds when these are installed. Instead, bird deterrents simply direct the birds to nest elsewhere, keeping your business safe and clean.

Professional Bird Deterrent Installation?

If you are experiencing an issue with birds in or around your property, a professional wildlife control company like NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers can help you bird-proof your property. We work with you to determine which bird deterrents will be most effective and provide professional installation. Our experience has involved homes and businesses of all sizes, and we have fast service so we can help you quickly. Call us at (646) 741-4333.

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