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Humane DIY Pigeon Removal for Homeowners

Humane DIY Pigeon Removal for Homeowners

There are many reasons you may not want pigeons around your home. Their droppings are unsightly and smelly. They can also be corrosive, causing lasting damage to your home or car. Pigeons are also a source of disease through their droppings, feathers, and parasites they carry.

There are multiple ways to keep pigeons from perching or roosting on your property, and the majority are humane and easy to implement, and safe to use around your home.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons Yourself

There are multiple solutions to get rid of pigeons. You can implement any of the following methods in places where pigeons or other birds are most active or frequently causing unwanted messes:

  • Install Bird Spikes – Bird spikes are a humane option for any ledges where pigeons are landing . The spikes deter pigeons from landing on a ledge, but will not hurt the birds. As an added bonus, spikes will not stop smaller birds if you are trying to attract them to your property.
  • Hang Reflective Objects – Flashes of light can startle birds, including pigeons. You can hang reflective tape, or simply tie up a piece of foil, an old CD, or a small mirror at any places birds are frequenting.
  • Install Fake Predators – You can purchase a plastic owl or falcon, both natural predators of the pigeon, to place around your home. Different products can even produce sound and movement to further scare away pigeons. You will want to move the fake predator regularly so the pigeons do not realize it is not real.
  • Hang a String – This cheap and easy DIY method involves tying a string over any places where pigeons are landing. Use something weatherproof like twine and tie it tightly across a landing spot, several inches above the surface. Pigeons will not be able to see it and the string will throw them off balance when they try to perch.
  • Use Motion Activated Sprinkler – Motion activated sprinklers are designed to keep pests away from gardens and homes. You can install one wherever pests are active and it will spray them with water whenever they enter your property.

If DIY pigeon control has not provided the results you want, another option is to work with Animal Control NYC. Our pigeon control for residential and commercial properties in NYC creates and implements a pigeon control plan that will specifically help keep pigeons away from your property. Get started with a free quote by calling our team.

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