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What are Squirrel Nests and How Can They Cause Damage in Your Home?

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What are Squirrel Nests and How Can They Cause Damage in Your Home?
There are only a few times a year when squirrels are generally a problem inside homes. Usually, they are very mobile, regularly traveling multiple miles to seek out food and not staying in any one place too long. But when breeding season begins, squirrels will build a nest so that they have a safe place to give birth and begin raising their babies.

Squirrels can also be a problem because they will build stocks of food that they can then return to in the winter when outdoor food sources become scarce. Both of these represent more permanent living conditions for squirrels, and many homes and NYC offer the perfect setting for squirrels to establish their hoard or nest. Understanding how squirrels build and use these nests underscores the importance of squirrel prevention and fast action if you have squirrels inside your home.

Where Squirrels Build Nests
Much like other rodents, squirrels rely on their nests for a safe and comfortable retreat. They need a nest that can shelter them and their food stores from predators and inclement weather throughout the winter and early spring. Outdoors and indoors, there are a few prime places for squirrels to establish their nests. These include:

  • Tree Trunks – Hollowed out tree trunks are an ideal place for squirrels to store food or build a comfortable next. They are extremely well protected on all sides from weather as well as scavengers that might try to take the squirrels’ food.
  • Tree Branches – In the spaces where tree branches join, squirrels can use leaves and twigs to build the nest on the branches. This is similar to what a bird might build, although a squirrel’s nest is going to be much larger.
  • Inside Homes – Homes are often perfect locations for a squirrel to store food in. Attics, wall voids, chimneys, and other indoor locations also provide an excellent place for squirrels to nest with better production than they would often find outside.

Squirrels generally live on their own, although they might pair up briefly during mating season, especially for additional warmth in the December and January mating season. When a squirrel has babies, the young squirrels will also live with a mother for 12 weeks in the nest before moving away.

Animal Control NYC can get rid of squirrels in NYC year-round by safely trapping and removing any squirrels that are inside. We can also use wildlife exclusion to put physical blocks in place to keep squirrels from getting in. Contact us for squirrel control services and a free quote.

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