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How to Get Rid of Squirrels in Your Attic

How to Get Rid of Squirrels in Your Attic

Squirrels can do a lot of damage inside a home. They are messy animals and will leave behind debris wherever they eat. They also leave droppings in the areas where they nest and, like other rodents, they can chew through almost anything in your attic.

For this reason, it is important to remove squirrels as quickly as possible if they have moved into your attic. Depending on where squirrels are and the situation, you may be able to use DIY methods to get rid of squirrels.

DIY Squirrel Control for Attics

If squirrels are in your attic, you will need to take a direct approach to removing them. This can be more challenging as a DIY project, but still possible with the right equipment and patience. For this process, you will need to:

  • Determine If Babies Are Present – Squirrels will often come inside since it provides a safe place for babies. If you notice squirrels in your attic between October and April, there is a good chance that babies are present. You will likely also hear them. If babies are present, you will need to either call a professional or wait a few weeks until they grow up since they are not safe to handle on your own.
  • Set a Trap – You will need a trap designed for live trapping squirrels. You can place the trap at an exit point from your attic or along the path where squirrels are traveling to and from an attic and wait until the squirrel is inside. Release the squirrel at least 5 miles away so it cannot find its way back.
  • Seal Up Entry Points – Block off any entry points to your attic that you can find with wire mesh, wood, or caulking so that squirrels cannot get in again. This is also a good time to implement DIY squirrel control methods in your yard as well as an additional layer of protection.

These DIY squirrel control steps are suitable for removing squirrels in your attic as long as all squirrels are adults and you are ready to take on this somewhat intensive process. An easier solution, and a necessary one if there is a need to handle baby squirrels, is to contact Animal Control NYC. We have all the right equipment and experience to get rid of squirrels and give you the right keys to prevent them. Contact us to get more information.

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