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How Bat Exclusion Works

How Bat Exclusion Works

Bats are one of the most important animals in nature. They’re also pests. They can make a home in your property, and not only do they carry disease but their droppings may carry illnesses that are potentially fatal.

Bat control is different from some other forms of pest control. Bats play too important a role in the environment. So rather than exterminate bats, wildlife control companies like NYC and NJ Animal Control uses a technique called “exclusion.”

Why Bat Exclusion?

Although bats may have a frightening reputation, they are a key part of the local ecosystem as they eat thousands of insects, including mosquitoes. Many local species of bat are also recognized as an endangered species. It’s why our team at NYC and NJ Animal Control makes sure to never harm these animals even when they are a threat to your family.

Bats are also creatures of habit, and will return to the same place year after year. Simply removing the bats without completely securing entry means the bats will return the next evening. It’s why we use a process called exclusion. Exclusion involves sealing up all entrance points so that bats cannot live on your property, and are forced to find a new place to live.

Exclusion makes sure not only that the bats are removed, but that they cannot get back in again.

When Can You Exclude Bats

Due to their nesting times (when bats may be breeding), state legislation gives specific times for bats to be legally excluded. These times can vary depending on state, but in general:

  • Late Spring – Exclusion is permitted.
  • Early Summer – Bats cannot be excluded once the baby bats are born. Since the bat pups cannot fly, excluding bats would trap the babies inside.
  • Late Summer to Early Fall – Exclusion is once again permitted as the pups have grown enough that they can fly.
  • Fall to Spring – Bats are hibernating for the winter months and cannot be excluded as they are not flying.

Sealing Your Home

Bats can enter a structure through the smallest gaps under roof eaves or around chimneys. During exclusion, an exterminator locates all the points of entry and installs one way exits over them, often using a plastic netting. These exits allow bats to exit the home, but not return.

After a week to ensure any remaining bats have left, points of entry can be cleaned and permanently sealed, preventing bats from returning in the future.

Animal Control NYC Can Help You!

For homeowners in New York and New Jersey, NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers is a professional exterminator providing bat exclusion services. They can work with you to determine when you can safely remove bats from your home, and provide the support you need to get rid of bats fast. Call today at (646) 741-4333 to get started.

Wild animals should always be handled by a professional. Even healthy bats can be dangerous when they feel threatened. Bats require special equipment to safely remove them. A professional animal control company like NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers has the skills and experience to handle all wildlife.

Whether there is a bat on your property, in your home, or you would simply like to proof your home against wild bats, we can help you. We have 24 hour services and are here to help you in an emergency. Call us at (646) 741-4333 or (732) 387-4135.

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