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How to Keep Squirrels Away from Your Yard

How to Keep Squirrels Away from Your Yard

Almost every wildlife infestation begins in your yard. When you have pests outside already, it is far easier for them to move indoors. This is true of squirrels as well. If the weather gets cold, the short distance from your yard to your home provides them with easy access to the indoors.

Keeping Squirrels Out of Different Areas of Your Yard

Squirrels most often come into yards to find food, so the most effective way to prevent them is often to remove food sources. Some of the specific sources you need to secure include:

Trash Cans

An overturned trash can or one with an open lid promises a feast for squirrels. The following can help you secure your trash cans against squirrels:

  • Secure Lids – Use cans with secure lids and keep lids in place as often as possible. Lids can keep out squirrels and deter larger wildlife pests.
  • Stabilization – Squirrels and other animals could potentially knock over a trash can. Choose a stable can or find a way to brace it up.
  • Enclosure – Another helpful solution can be to enclose your trash can, which is especially helpful if the area around it tends to get messy.

Regularly cleaning out trash cans can be valuable as well. This can help negate the strong odor that trash cans often produce to further help avoid attracting squirrels.

Bird Feeders

As nice as bird feeders can be, they are a number one way to attract squirrels to your yard. But there are a few things you can do to make your bird feeder less accessible to squirrels:

  • Change Out the Feed – Some birdseed, like safflower seeds, are not appetizing to squirrels but can still continue to feed your birds. Look for this or other squirrel-safe feeds.
  • Use a Pole – Hang your bird feeder from a pole instead of a tree as squirrels can easily climb trees.
  • Use a Catchment – Make sure your bird feeder has a tray beneath it to catch any fallen bird seed rather than letting it fall to the ground.

If you are really struggling with squirrels in your yard, it can be best to simply remove the bird feeder altogether and use other options like bird baths or birdhouses to attract birds.

As winter approaches in NYC, it is worth knowing who to call if squirrels do end up in your home. Animal Control NYC offers squirrel removal that can get rid of any squirrels in your home and take steps to prevent more squirrels from getting in. Contact us to learn more about our squirrel control.

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