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Restoring Animal Damage After An Infestation

Restoring Animal Damage After An Infestation

Once you’ve had wildlife take up residence in your home, removing the animals is only the first step. Wildlife tend to do a lot of damage to a property, leaving droppings filled with bacteria and disease, dying and decaying inside of your walls, and more. Restoring your property after a wildlife invasion can be dangerous if improperly handled.

As an animal damage restoration company, we use several techniques to clean up after animal damage safely, so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of those on your property.

What We Do

Restoring Air Quality

Feces and urine from animals can contain harmful spores that stay in the air of your home even after the animals are gone. For instance, bat droppings can contain the fungal spore histoplasma which can impact the central nervous system. Racoon droppings can contain a species of roundworm.

In order to remove any dangerous bacteria and purify the air, cleanup specialists must not only completely wipe away the droppings, but also contain the affected area to prevent airborne particles from spreading to the rest of the house. This is usually done with a negative air filtration system that exchanges the air continuously to take out contaminated air and replace it with fresh air during clean up.

Installing New Insulation

When pests hide in your walls, they can ruin the insulation and sometimes the drywall as well. Mice, rats, and raccoons can chew through insulation. Meanwhile, animal droppings from rodents and rats can deteriorate insulation and soak through drywall. Once rodents have been removed, damaged insulation and drywall can be replaced.

Replacing Gutters

Squirrels and raccoons can cause damage to gutters and eaves. When critters crawl along gutters, the gutters can pull away, often causing the soffits beneath the eaves to develop spaces. In order to avoid future animals crawling into these open spaces and nesting, gaps under eaves can be resealed and gutters can be replaced.

Repairing Roofs

Many animals like bats, squirrels, and raccoons find entry into your home through your roof. Unfortunately, they can cause extensive damage in the process. They can tear shingles and chew holes in softer materials under the roof eaves. This can lead to water damage and mold in the attic if not repaired. Animal damage specialists can replace roof sheathing, shingles, vents, and soffits to restore your roof and prevent further problems.

Checking Electrical Wiring

Mice and rats can chew through your home’s electrical wiring, which can cause sparking and fires. If you have had rodents in your walls, an electrician can check your home’s wiring and replace any damaged sections.

Contact NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers

These are only some of the examples of how animal cleanup works. We use the methods that make the most sense based on the type of pest and the causes of the damage. If you have had a wildlife issue, an animal damage control specialist like NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers can search through your home for potential damage and make the necessary repairs.

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