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Property Damage and Health Hazards of Bird Droppings

Bird droppings are unattractive. It’s understandable that so many people are upset by the appearance of bird droppings on outdoor items, and one of the most common reasons that we’re called for bird control and removal.

But it’s not only the appearance of these droppings that are a problem. Bird droppings are also unsanitary and can cause problems when they come into contact with different surfaces. Birds like pigeons, starlings, sparrows, and gulls are some of the worst offenders for nesting in and around buildings in New York and New Jersey, and – if the population is not kept under control – these droppings can cause health problems and property damage.

How Bird Droppings Damage Property

Bird droppings are acidic. Left to rest on a surface, the acids from the bird will eat away at the material, causing corrosion and hastening the appearance of rust. Metal is particularly susceptible to the acids in droppings, as are tar and paint, but nearly any material could see some impact. Some areas where bird droppings regularly collect and cause damage to the property include:

  • Roofs – A layer of droppings can severely diminish the life of a roof.
  • Machinery – The acid will corrode HVAC and industrial equipment over time.
  • Siding – Bird droppings can damage paint, or eat away at the siding materials.
  • Cars/Vehicles – A single dropping can eat through any vehicle’s protective coating and the paint beneath, leaving a permanent mark.
    Annually, repairing damaged paint, equipment, and structures after they’ve been affected by bird droppings costs property owners millions of dollars of damage each year. Some buildings have become so inundated with birds and their droppings that the majority of the buildings are not salvageable.

Diseases Spread Through Bird Droppings

Droppings can contain several different viruses and harmful particles as well. Histoplasmosis, Psittacosis, and Cryptococcosis are respiratory diseases caused by inhaling infected droppings. This occurs when dry feces are disturbed, causing them to enter the air as dust. Salmonella occurs when a person eats food contaminated with bird droppings. While rare, these diseases can have lasting, harmful effects.

The health and property damage implications are why it is important to deal with birds early on to mitigate the harmful effects birds can cause. If you need help with removing birds on your property, contact our NY and NJ animal trappers today.

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