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Are There Bats in the Siding of Your Home?

Bats can be found anywhere in your property where they have access to a small space and adequate protection. It’s not uncommon to find bats hidden in attics, for example, or even under crawl spaces if they have easy access.

But bats can also make their nests in the siding of your home. Usually they will nest in smaller groups, or even individually. Over time, their droppings will collect on insulation, siding, and drywall, causing costly damage and staining if not addressed. Although biting is uncommon, bats in siding can be startled if someone places their hands nearby, increasing the risk of potentially dangerous bat bites.

Common Signs of Bats in Siding

Because bats often nest individually in siding, it is not uncommon to miss the signs of bats, which tend to be more easily noticed when bat infestations are larger. Bats are small and generally nocturnal, and they make less of a mess when it is only one or two bats at a time. For these reasons, bats will often live undetected for months or more. Some people may never know they have a bat problem.
But there are some visible that can indicate bats living in your siding. Some of the things to look for include:

  • Flying Bats – Bats are most active at sunset when they leave their nests to go hunt for insects, and in the morning when they return. During these times, you may see bats near the siding or flying around your home.
  • Signs of Droppings – Bat dropping (guano) look like small grains of black rice. You may find them on your deck or on the ground under where a bat lives. They can be confused for dirt or rodent droppings, so a good way to check is to wash it away and see if there is more over the next few days in the same spot.
  • Urine Stains – Similar to guano, you might see white streaks down your siding from urine left behind by bats that are living under the shingles. The urine looks like off white paint that drips down your siding, and the longer they’re there the more there is.
  • Oily Streaks – Bat skins produce an oil that rubs off on the surfaces they touch. When they squeeze past one of the shingles or planks in your siding, they leave this oil on the surface. It will collect dirt and turn black.
  • Dead Bats – If there are enough bats present in your siding, you might eventually see a dead bat on the ground near your house. This is a sign there may be more live bats nearby.

If you notice the signs of bats in your siding, you should call a professional animal control company. They can safely remove the bats, protecting both your home from further damage and this endangered species.

At New York and New Jersey Animal Control Trappers, we remove bats from siding through exclusion. We seal up the entry points bats are using to reach their nest behind your siding or shingles, but allow the bats to continue to exist.

During the night, bats will exit their nests to find food and not be able to get back in. After we have determined that no more bats are living in your siding, we can close the entry points completely.

Call Animal Control Trappers for Bat Exclusion

The sight of a single bat flying around your property is usually not a cause for concern. But it is worth checking your siding from time to time for these common signs of bat infestations. Even if you are not sure if you have bats but have noticed signs, call NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers. We can confirm if bats are present and take the necessary steps to remove them.

Bats are a beneficial “pest.” They help manage local insect populations and, for this reason, cannot be exterminated. However, they do need to be removed before they can cause damage to your home and potentially put you at risk for disease. At New York New Jersey Animal Trappers, we can help you address your bat problems quickly and easily. Contact us today at 646-741-4333 for an inspection.

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