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What to Do If You Find Bats in Your Home in the Winter

What to Do If You Find Bats in Your Home in the Winter
Now the temperatures have cooled off in NYC and New Jersey, bats that do not migrate are moving into hibernation in the area. They will move into attics, buildings, bridges, caves, and other structures where they can huddle together and keep warm. They enter a state called torpor until temperatures rise again.

Because bats are staying in place, exclusion is no longer allowed in New Jersey for the next few months and discouraged in NYC because it puts the bats at risk. But if you find yourself dealing with bats during this time of year, here is what you can do to protect your family and your home.

Winter Bat Problems
During the winter, any bats in your home will cycle in and out of torpor. In this state, their metabolism and heart beat slow down so that they require 98% less energy. This lets them survive for several days or even weeks without food. If bats’ torpor is interrupted, this may cause them to starve since they do not have the energy to withstand the changes in activity levels.

This is not to say that bats are not active at all. They will rouse for a few moments and resume hunting if temperatures are warm. Bats are frequently disoriented when they awake and may accidentally make their way into the living spaces of the home. You can remove the bat with the following steps:

  • Use Protective Gear – Do not use your bare hands to try to catch a bat. This puts you at risk for a bite or scratch, both of which can transfer bacteria.
  • Stay Calm – The bat will likely be confused and sluggish as it wakes up. As long as you stay calm, the bat will as well. This makes it easier to catch.
  • Trap the Bat – Wait for the bat to land on a surface and place a box or plastic bowl over the bat. Cover the container with a lid or piece of cardboard and carry it outside. It is helpful to release the bat in a tree or other elevated surface so it can easily take flight and return to a sheltered place.
  • Call a Wildlife Control Company – If you find a bat in your home, there are likely many more hibernating and you should schedule bat exclusion for the spring.

Animal Control NYC provides bat exclusion in New Jersey and NYC. Whether you have a significant number of bats hibernating or a single bat trapped at your home, contact us for removal services.

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