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Animal Control NYC Solar Panel Bird Guards in Cobble Hill, NY

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Animal Control NYC Solar Panel Bird Guards in Cobble Hill, NY

A number of animals in New York and New Jersey are frequent invaders at homes and businesses. Animal Control NYC not only can help you inspect your solar panels for animal damage, but also remove any unwanted animals like mice, squirrels, raccoons, pigeons, sparrows and other kinds of wildlife pests. The gap between solar panels and a roof offers just one more place for them to get into. If you are in Cobble Hill, NY and want to discuss our solar panel critter guards installations for your property or business, call us 646-741-4333 today.

One of the most common critters that invade your solar panels are birds. In NY and NJ, common pest bird species include pigeons, house sparrows, and starlings. All of these birds are small enough to get under solar panels and are already frequent nuisances around properties. Birds dropping are acidic and can begin to damage the solar panel component over time.

Another common wildlife pest to solar panels are squirrels. Squirrels are able climbers, making it easy for them to get onto your roof. They also spend time gnawing through materials and can chew through the wiring behind your panels.

Consisting of stainless steel spikes in variable measurements, bird spikes make it harder for a bird to land on a surface. We install the spikes around the solar array’s framing to help prevent birds from landing on, and potentially scratching, the panels. Animal Control NYC also offers SolaTrim for larger rodents such as opossums, squirrels and raccoons, and our high-quality mesh for smaller critters like mice, rats, and chipmunks.

We can help get rid of wildlife from your churches, garages, cafes, parking lots, private housing, warehouses and other kinds of building properties. Animal Control NYC solar panel services are available in Cobble Hill, NY to all residential areas and commercial properties.

Our competitive rates make it possible to secure your solar panel on almost any budget and offer a reasonable alternative to expensive repairs to unguarded solar panels in the future. Call us 646-741-4333 for price estimates on solar panel critter guard installations in Cobble Hill, NY. We have a team of skilled wildlife specialists. With the latest training in wildlife handling and extensive experience working with solar panels so that they can perform the work with extreme care for your property.

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