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What Types of Rodents Infest NYC Homes

What Types of Rodents Infest NYC Homes

There are several different rat and mouse species living in New York. Of these rodents, 4 separate species make up almost all of the city’s infestations in businesses and local homes.

Although all of these mice and rats share characteristics in terms of the dangers and the need to get rid of them fast, the different species have slightly different habitats and habits that make it important to know which one you are dealing with during rodent exclusion.

Mouse and Rat Species in NYC
The 4 rodents that are involved in infestations are known as “commensal” rodents. This refers to how these rodents have adapted from life in the wild to live alongside humans. They will still live in the areas that most accurately mimic their natural habitats, but still seek out human dwellings and food sources.

Each of these rodents can be a vector for a number of diseases, including leptospirosis, salmonella, and plague. They also all cause damage inside homes through their chewing and droppings, which can ruin insulation, wiring, pipes, drywall, and wood. Some of the differences between the 4 commensal rodents in NYC include:

  • Deer Mice – Deer mice are one of the smallest mouse species in NYC. They have distinctive white bellies and the rest of their fur can be black, brown, or white. They are the least likely to come inside, but when they do, these mice will often live in attics or basements. They are a leading carrier of hantavirus in NYC which can be extremely dangerous.
  • House Mice – These are the most common mouse infestations. They are about 5 inches long not including their tails, have brown or gray fur, and have large ears. House mice will come into any home they can get into and make a nest wherever they can find a quiet spot.
  • Norway Rats – Norway rats are the largest of the rodent invaders in NYC, measuring about 9 inches with tails of at least 6 inches. They are also known as brown rats or sewer rats since they make up NYC’s large population of subterranean rats. Norway rats do not climb well and will live primarily in basements and on ground floors. They are great swimmers and can tread water for 3 days.
  • Roof Rats – Roof rats are slightly smaller than Norway rats at around 7 inches long but with a tail that could be as long as 10 inches. They are avid climbers and can easily scale trees. As their name suggests, they prefer elevated spaces like roofs, attics, and trees for their nests.

Any of these rodents living in your home or infesting your business is cause for concern. Animal Control NYC is able to deal with all of NYC’s mice and rats, as well as the other wildlife species that can cause issues. Give us a call to schedule animal removal.

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